Majestic Mountain Poster Bundle

Sold out

We got a very limited (30) bundles of posters in A3 format that was used for MMR-001 and MMR-002 up for sale. These will ship in a tube so these will not be folded.

Poster #1: Coven of the Ultra-riff. Designed by Devil's Witches
Poster #2: Coven of the Ultra-Riff. Designed by ShaneHorror
Poster #3: Coven of the Ultra-Riff (Announcement poster). Designed by ShaneHorror
Poster #4: Interstellar Voodoo poster. Designed by ShaneHorror.
Poster #5 The King's Pistol announcement poster
Poster #6 Vessel announcement poster by Shane Horror
Poster #7 Vessel. Poster by Amplified design.
Poster #8 Saint Karloff band photo
Poster #9 The H. Poster by Hypnosist design.

Every bundle also includes some leftover stickers.

These will ship untracked to keep the shipping cost at a minimum.